What is an ultrawarm white LED?



The Integral Lighting ultrawarm white LED offers the warmest output available on the market. This LED offers a soft warmth and comfortable inviting feel that once only incandescent lighting could provide. Our ultrawarm white LED is approximately 2400K, dimmable, and compatible with both electronic and magnetic transformers.

Can I use a brighter bulb in Integral Lighting?


It is not recommended. Our fixtures have been tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories for safety. The fixture was designed for optimum performance with the supplied lamp.

Why is Integral Lighting the #1 choice for hardscape lighting?


At Integral Lighting, we spend our time and money on creating an unforgettable hardscape lighting experience.

We invented the “original” fixture that revolutionized the hardscape industry and we reinvented the way that service and support are delivered. Recognizing that every project and installation is unique, we offer the most options, the most LED outputs and the most finishes in the hardscape lighting industry.

  • 15 individual models with many options
  • Four popular LED color outputs
  • Over 100 durable finishes to match every hardscape

Our company values shine in every fixture we build, and in every service we provide. As an intentionally small Pennsylvania company, we have remained committed as an American manufacturer for over 30 years. This strategy allows us to pass along benefits that multinational companies cannot offer…

  • Same day shipping
  • Custom fixture options
  • Design and installation assistance
  • Mobile text support
  • Online replacement parts
  • Toll-free technical support
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Choose the leader in hardscape lighting innovation… Integral Lighting.