Wall Illumination

Allow your hardscape walls to come to life in the evening hours with Integral Lighting. Whether free-form or geometric, exterior wall designs can be enhanced through proper illumination.

Our fixtures fit discreetly into walls and under caps, making them barely noticeable by day. At night, a generous diameter of light is cast upon surrounding surfaces, providing security to your home and adding dramatic visual appeal. Our American Made fixtures are suitable for every type of wall… from new projects still on paper to existing hardscapes that need spruced up with light.

Start by determining your desired placement. We recommend spacing six to eight feet between fixtures, depending on the type of atmosphere you want to create. For areas that need to be well-lit, such as steps or for security reasons, consider spacing your fixtures closer together or using a higher wattage lamp. For ambiance or accent lighting, consider spacing your light fixtures further apart or using a lower wattage lamp.

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