Christopher D.

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I am a showroom manager and work with Integral Lighting for many of my landscape projects. The quality of their product is excellent and they always are stocked with the items my clients are looking for. Many of my contractors insist on installing Integral’s products. The design and engineering of their fixture is simple and there are very, very few issues with their systems. Integral will sell repair parts for their fixtures too!

Integral’s customer service is beyond compare. You talk to a knowledgeable person who takes the time to answer your questions and ensures to send you reference material related to your inquiry.

When placing an order, they are dependable and speedy. I cannot remember a time that they did not ship my order the same day (as long as in by 1:00 PM EST) and to reiterate, they had my order on the shelf to ship.

Let me set an example: I had a client call me before I arrived at the showroom. He called back and we discussed his options, and then he came in at his lunch and we found Integral Lighting was our product. I wrote him a quote and he placed the order. I sent the order to Kelsey and by 2:30 PM I had a confirmation and tracking on my order to be delivered the next day! Granted we are close to their warehouse, but I cannot ask for any better service! I would strongly recommend you consider Integral for your hardscaping projects.

Thank you to Integral Lighting for managing a fine company. I look forward to our continued business relationship.

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