Stainless Steel LED Kitchen Fixtures


  • 6.0"
  • 12.0"
  • 18.0"
  • 24.0"
  • 2700K warm white
  • 3000K pure white
  • 4200K cool white
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Today’s outdoor kitchens are planned with as much detail as their indoor counterparts, with lighting being a key component.

Our premium stainless steel fixtures are designed to seamlessly match outdoor kitchens, grills, and cabinetry. The unibody construction is sleek and clean, allowing for placement versatility. Easily install under a capstone or anywhere within the wall… no overhanging block or cap is required to hide these fixtures.

All of our kitchen fixtures are made from 20 gauge stainless steel, ensuring it will last the lifetime of your hardscape.

We manufacture four different lengths to meet your lighting requirements…

  • IL600.150.500… 6″ length… one LED source with approximately 10 watts brightness
  • IL612.150.500… 12″ length… two LED sources with approximately 10 watts brightness
  • IL618.150.500… 18″ length… two LED sources with approximately 20 watts brightness
  • IL624.150.500… 24″ length… three LED sources with approximately 30 watts brightness

Our overmolded LED package is IP68 certified waterproof and available in three color outputs: 2700K warm white, 3000K white, and 4200K cool white.

Made in the USA by Integral Lighting.


  • Dimensions: .5" height x 3" depth
  • Fixture body constructed of stainless steel 20g alloy 304
  • Low voltage 12vAC operation
  • Overmolded LED circuitry with renewable materials
  • Energy consumption and output vary by fixture
  • LEDs are dimmable
  • 72" long 18/2 leads for connection
  • Magnetic or electronic transformer compatible
  • LED life expectancy up to 40,000 hours
Download our IL600.150.500 specifications Download our IL612.150.500 specifications Download our IL618.150.500 specifications Download our IL624.150.500 specifications


All LED kitchen fixtures are available in brushed stainless steel to match outdoor kitchens, grills and cabinetry.

LED Color Outputs

All outdoor kitchen fixtures are available in three LED color outputs.