DL3.100.500 LED Deck Lighting Fixture

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  • 2700K warm white
  • 3000K pure white
  • 4200K cool white
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Our DL3.100.500 LED fixtures are designed to be installed between balusters without a shroud. The fixture is held in place during rail assembly and able to be completely recessed for concealment in many modern deck systems. No fasteners are necessary for mounting.

The DL3 fixture is made from stainless steel for durability, ensuring it will last the lifetime of your deck.

Our overmolded LED package is IP68 certified waterproof and available in three color outputs: 2700K warm white, 3000K white, and 4200K cool white.

Made in the USA by Integral Lighting.


  • Dimensions: 6" length x .9375" width x .5" height
  • Fixture body constructed of stainless steel 20g alloy 304
  • Low voltage 12vAC operation
  • Overmolded LED circuitry with renewable materials
  • 1 watt energy consumption
  • Output similar to 5 watts
  • LEDs are dimmable
  • 72" long 18/2 leads for connection
  • Magnetic or electronic transformer compatible
  • LED life expectancy up to 40,000 hours
Download our DL3.100.500 specifications


Our DL3.100.500 LED fixtures are¬†available in brushed stainless steel.  

LED Color Outputs

Our DL3.100.500 fixtures are available in three LED color outputs.