75 watt Magnetic Transformer (Stainless Steel)


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This Low Voltage power supply is compatible with all Integral Lighting Xenon and LED fixtures.

Low voltage (12 volt) magnetic transformers do not output a standard 12 volts. They output a fraction (typically 10 percent) of your power input. To maximize the life of either your bulb or LED, be sure to confirm the output power with a digital volt meter.

To calculate the proper size required for your installation, simply multiply the quantity of fixtures by the wattage…

Xenon Example:
12 pc. IL6.250 Xenon fixtures (11.5 watts each) = 138 watts minimum required

LED Example:
12 pc. IL6.225.500 LED fixtures (2.0 watts each) = 24 watts minimum required

Visit our FAQ section for more help on sizing a transformer, or call us at 800.861.1364.


  • Part number IL200.560
  • 75 watt Magnetic Transformer
  • Stainless Steel housing for outdoor use
  • Multi-tap 12/13/14/15 volts
  • Timer and Photocell ready (sold separately)
  • Input 120vAC
  • 75 watt MAX with circuit protection
  • Assembled in Pennsylvania, USA