Overmold LED Advancement

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Moving forward, all Integral Lighting LED fixtures will feature overmolded LEDs, an advanced and environmentally sustainable solution for component protection.

What are the benefits of overmolding?

  • Watertight encapsulation … safe to use in wet environments.
  • Long-term UV and solvent resistance … will not fade or discolor; impenetrable.
  • Renewable resources are utilized in our process … 80% vegetable oil.

What can you expect?

  • Equivalent color output and brightness … with superior protection.
  • IP68 certified … providing extended protection from dust and water.
  • UL certified … third party tested and approved for safety.

As with every upgrade, we do not recommend mixing the overmolded fixtures with previous fixtures on the same installation. Please make a special request when ordering new fixtures to add to an existing project.