Is Pavelux® affected by extreme temperatures?

Integral Lighting


Our Pavelux® fixtures were tested under various temperature conditions and supply voltages.

Pavelux® fixtures themselves at temperatures of 140° Fahrenheit and supply voltage of 12.5 volts AC demonstrated that the LED board operated well under the manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum thermals. With this being said, excessive voltage has the most effect on operating temperature and is obviously a critical element in overheating LED fixtures. This is why we always remind installers to administer 12 volts or less, as LEDs have the same life characteristics as an incandescent lamp.

We also took into account that different paver surfaces are affected by the sun at different temperatures, for instance, black asphalt has a higher surface temperature than white concrete. With this in mind, lighting fixtures are typically not lit during the heat of the day, as they are meant to light the night.

As for the housing, the material utilized in our Pavelux® fixtures is UV stabilized polycarbonate and will not be affected by an increase or decrease in temperature or sun exposure.

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