How do I minimize voltage drop?


The closer your incandescent fixtures are placed to the transformer, the higher their voltage (and wattage). The farther away you place the fixture, the lower the voltage it will receive. If a cable run is too long, or if too many lights are being powered by a single transformer, noticeable voltage drop may occur.

Voltage drop causes the lights farthest from the transformer to become dimmer than the other lights.

Voltage drop can be minimized in various ways …

  • Upgrade to energy efficient LEDs
  • Utilize a heavier gauge cable
  • Install a higher capacity transformer
  • Consider using multiple transformers
  • Shorten your cable length/run
  • Reduce individual fixture wattage
  • Reduce the total number of fixtures on a run

Voltage drop actually works to your advantage if differences in lamp brightness levels add a desired look and feel to your installation. Remember… bulbs with lower voltage will last longer, requiring less replacement.