Can I use the previous version and new version together?

We have taken every measure to match the light output of the new version with the previous version. The color output remains consistent, however, due to the lumen maintenance factor (LM80), the LEDs may age at different rates.

The new upgraded LED version may¬†age more slowly compared to the previous version. The LM80 has been improved and will maintain output consistency over its lifespan. You may not notice a variance upon installation, but it may affect the fixture’s output over a longer period of time. It may or may not be detected by the human eye, dependent on surface color and texture, but we do not recommend mixing the two versions on the same job.

We have reserved limited stock of the previous LED version to accommodate future add-ons to hardscape projects. Please discuss your project with your Authorized Distributor or call us directly to assist you with your order.

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