What is pavelux?

Pavelux® is the fastest way to install a paver light.

Our unique design is maintenance-free and inserts quickly into any hardscape surface with no drilling or cutting required. This minimalist fixture is virtually invisible during the day, reducing impact on your design without sacrificing lighting effects at night.

Available in 4″, 6″ and 8″ lengths, pavelux® inserts easily into your hardscape accent border without the added work of conventional paver lights. Our ultra-efficient LED package is stocked in 3000K pure white and 2400K ultrawarm white, ensuring same day shipping and quick delivery.

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Is pavelux affected by extreme temperatures?

Our pavelux® fixtures were tested under various temperature conditions and supply voltage.

Our pavelux® fixtures themselves at temperatures of 140° Fahrenheit and supply voltage of 12.5 volts AC demonstrated that the LED board operated well under the manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum thermals. With this being said, excessive voltage has the most effect on operating temperature and is obviously a critical element in overheating LED fixtures. This is why we always remind installers and users to administer 12 volts or less, as LEDs have the same life characteristics as an incandescent lamp.

We also took into account that different paver surfaces are affected by the sun at different temperatures, for instance, black asphalt has a higher surface temperature than white concrete. With this in mind, lighting fixtures are typically not lit during the heat of the day, as they are meant to light the night.

As for the housing, the material utilized in our pavelux® fixtures is UV stabilized polycarbonate and will not be affected by an increase or decrease in temperature or sun exposure.

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Why is Integral Lighting the #1 choice for hardscape lighting?

At Integral Lighting, we spend our time and money on creating an unforgettable hardscape lighting experience. We invented the “original” fixture that revolutionized the hardscape lighting industry and we reinvented the way that service and support are delivered.

We recognize that every project and installation is unique, so we carry more fixture options than any other manufacturer …

  • 13 individual models with many options
  • Over 100 durable finishes to match any hardscape
  • 4 LED color outputs

Our company values shine in every fixture we build and every service we provide. As an intentionally small Pennsylvania company, we have remained committed as an American manufacturer for over 35 years. This strategy allows us to pass along benefits that multinational companies cannot offer …

  • Same day shipping
  • Live toll free technical help
  • Design and installation assistance
  • Mobile text support
  • Online replacement parts
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Choose the leader in hardscape lighting innovation … Integral Lighting.

Are the pavelux fixtures waterproof?

Yes. Pavelux® is a waterproof, completely encapsulated LED paver insert. The fixtures are IP67 rated, which means that they are fully protected from dust and can withstand immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.

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Can I use pavelux with tumbled pavers?

After speaking with a group of contractors who have installed our new pavelux® LED fixtures, along with the designer, we can offer the following advice on fitment to various manufacturers of paver stones …

The fixture itself is designed to a full dimension be it 4″, 6″ or 8″ in length as some block manufacturers maintain full dimension. In the case of tumbled stone, a minor adjustment may be needed to achieve the desired effect and maintain design. That being said, a minor trimming of the end opposite the cord is acceptable by method of sawing. Some installers actually remove that sharp end edge at the top of the fixture to have it blend with the tumbled paver.

The maximum amount that can be removed from the 8″ model is 1.5″. The maximum amount that can be removed from the 4″ and 6″ model is 0.75″.

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What light source is used in your new pavelux fixtures?

Integral Lighting utilizes an ultra-efficient 12vAC LED package that is compatible with both magnetic and electronic transformers. All Integral Lighting fixtures, including pavelux®, are rated for up to 40,000 hours when installed according to our voltage recommendations.

For our pavelux® models with a 3000K pure white output, the 4″ length utilizes a 1.0 watt LED package and both the 6″ and 8″ lengths utilize a 2.0 watt LED package.

For our pavelux® models with a 2400K ultrawarm white output, the 4″ length utilizes a .25 watt LED package and both the 6″ and 8″ lengths utilize a .50 watt LED package.

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How many sizes is pavelux available in?

Pavelux® is available in three lengths which insert easily into your hardscape accent border with no cutting or drilling. Each size is stocked in both 3000K pure white and 2400K ultrawarm white LED color temperatures.

  • IP4.100.xxx … 4″ (L) x .75″ (W) x 2.0″ (H)
  • IP6.100.xxx … 6″ (L) x .75″ (W) x 2.0″ (H)
  • IP8.100.xxx … 8″ (L) x .75″ (W) x 2.0″ (H)

Visit pavelux.com for more details.

Do you have an LED lamp for my Xenon fixtures?

Yes. We offer a T5 Wedge Base LED lamp that is designed with 5 LEDs for a full 360° light distribution. We offer two different color outputs to match your desired look and feel. They fit into the existing sockets on our IL6.xxx and IL18.xxx Xenon fixtures for an easy LED upgrade.

  • IL200.180 … 3000K pure white output
  • IL200.185 … 2700K warm white output

Contact your local Authorized Distributor for more information or order directly from Integral Lighting Replacement Parts and Bulbs.

Can I use a lower wattage bulb with Integral Lighting?

Yes. We have several options for our IL6.xxx and IL18.xxx Xenon fixtures and you can order them directly online.

We also carry LED replacement lamps for your Xenon fixtures. These lamps are T5 Wedge Base and fit into the existing socket for any easy replacement.

How do I obtain a previous version as a replacement?

We have reserved limited stock of our previous version to fulfill warranty and service related issues. If you return an Integral Lighting fixture for warranty, we will replace it with the same LED package to ensure your light output remains equivalent.

Keep in mind that all LED packages degrade slowly in the amount of light output, therefore, we do not guarantee a perfect match on output brightness.

How is the new circuit board improved?

Our earlier LED version was built on a standard FR4 circuit board (fiberglass and epoxy construction) with conformal coating. Fiber core boards can absorb moisture over time, which can compromise the integrity of the circuit.

The new LED package is built on a MCB circuit board (metal core construction) with conformal coating. Aluminum does not allow moisture to penetrate the circuitry and the added benefit is immediate heat transfer from the LED chip. Heat is the enemy of the LED chip. Aluminum allows efficient transfer of heat and promotes added life to the LED.

Can I use the previous version and new version together?

We have taken every measure to match the light output of the new version with the previous version. The color output remains consistent, however, due to the lumen maintenance factor (LM80), the LEDs may age at different rates.

The new upgraded LED version may age more slowly compared to the previous version. The LM80 has been improved and will maintain output consistency over its lifespan. You may not notice a variance upon installation, but it may affect the fixture’s output over a longer period of time. It may or may not be detected by the human eye, dependent on surface color and texture, but we do not recommend mixing the two versions on the same job.

We have reserved limited stock of the previous LED version to accommodate future add-ons to hardscape projects. Please discuss your project with your Authorized Distributor or call us directly to assist you with your order.

How energy efficient is the new LED package?

Our new LED package is operating on 12vAC and is more efficient than our previous version. This new package will save you more money over the life of the fixture.

The following is the energy consumption and annual estimated cost to operate per model …

  • IL4.xxx.500 … 1.0 watt consumption … $0.18 annual cost
  • IL6.xxx.500 … 2.0 watt consumption … $0.36 annual cost
  • IL18.xxx.500 … 4.0 watt consumption … $0.72 annual cost
  • PL24.xxx.500 … 3.0 watt consumption … $0.54 annual cost
  • IL300.xxx.550 … 0.25 watt consumption … $0.05 annual cost
  • IL600.xxx.550 … 0.50 watt consumption … $0.09 annual cost

For a better perspective, our IL6.xxx Xenon lamped fixture operates on approximately $1.98 annually.

These estimates of cost are based on 4 hours of operation per day and the average cost of electric as calculated by the USEIA. To learn more, please visit U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Why are we upgrading our LED package?

As with any new technology, the LED industry is no exception and has made major advancements. We are happy to provide you with the most up-to-date product in today’s LED offering.

  • Improvements in LM80 indicates longer consistent light output over the life of the LED. Light emitting diodes degrade slowly, usually not noticeable to the human eye, diminishing light output over time.
  • Lower power use (watts) points to a reduction in overall operating costs. Electricity costs are not going down in price anytime soon, but our new and improved LED will help you save more on your electric bill.
  • Lower power use (watts) in conjunction with higher efficacy means more light with less heat. Reduced operating temperatures extend the life of an LED.
  • Circuit board improvements increase life by allowing the LED chip to operate at a cooler temperature.

We look forward to further improvements and we are committed to providing you with the best LED solutions for outdoor lighting.

Is the color output consistent between versions?

We have taken every measure to closely match the color output of our new LED package to our previous version. The optical performance of the LED, as measured by an integrating sphere, indicates that we are within 40-50 K of the previous color output (CCT).

The new package has improved lumen maintenance, which means the two versions will not age at the same rate. For this reason, it is not recommended to mix the new version with the previous version on the same installation.

We have reserved a limited stock of the previous version for warranty and service claims.

What is LM80 and how is it tested?

LM80 is third party testing to report lumen maintenance.

LM80 specifies testing up to 60,000 hours. TM21 recommends a method for projecting the results of the LM80 tests beyond 60,000 hours to arrive at a reasonable estimate of LED “life.”

What is Lumen Maintenance?

  • LED emitters typically do not burn out or “die” in the practical life of any LED product; they fade in intensity. So the concept of “lamp life” has been replaced by the concept of “lumen maintenance.”
  • Lumen maintenance is generally a prediction of the number of hours an emitter will operate before it fades below a usable level of intensity. Currently, most lumen maintenance reporting assumes that dropping below 70% intensity is the end of life for an LED emitter.
  • LED lumen maintenance is typically reported as a total number of hours with a “B” number and an “L” number. ETC rates it’s LED fixtures with a lumen maintenance value of 50,000 hours (B50, L70). This is a very common rating in the LED fixture industry. This indicates that after 50,000 hours of use, 50% of the LEDs tested (B50) will fall below 70% of their initial lumen output (L70).
  • These metrics indicate the probability that a single LED will fail lumen maintenance under precise test conditions, not necessarily a system of LEDs, or the drivers and power supplies used in a luminaire.

How do I identify the new 2015 LED package?

The previous Integral Lighting LED version .20 was produced 07/2008 through 07/2015.

The new and improved LED version .40 is being produced now.

To identify which LED version …

  • Previous LED Version .20 has 16 round phosphor dots (yellow) in the white ceramic holder
  • NEW LED Version .40 has 4 individual rectangular phosphor chips (yellow) in a cluster

In addition to the look of the LED itself, our labels were updated with the correct wattage consumption to help identify which version you have installed.

Do Integral LED fixtures experience voltage drop?

Integral Lighting fixtures that are equipped with our ultra-efficient 12vAC LED package operate with voltage from 8.0 volts to 12.5 volts. The ultra-low energy consumption of 0.25 watts to 4.0 watts virtually eliminates the voltage drop associated with standard incandescent landscape lighting installations.

Why does my transformer turn on, off and then back on?

Most low voltage transformers are equipped with thermal protection. If your power unit is undersized (overloaded) it is probably overheating and causing the thermal protection to shut down the unit. Consider using a larger transformer or splitting the load to an additional unit.

How do you handle support and service after the sale?

Our experienced support staff has assisted thousands of homeowners and installers with issues in the field. We recognize that every job and installation is unique, and we will resolve any issues that may arise. Call us directly at 800.861.1364 for design help, installation assistance or troubleshooting. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST.

How long should my bulbs last?

If your lighting system has been installed with proper attention to voltage, the rated life for the current bulb (Ushio Bulb #1001430) is approximately 10,000 hours. This is based on the manufacturers testing and is rated when 50% of the said bulbs fail.

Many factors may have an effect on a bulb lasting the rated life. Voltage is the #1 detail to pay attention to upon installation. We can help you troubleshoot your system if you believe that you are not achieving a satisfactory bulb life.

How many lights do I need for my installation?

Design and layout is up to you!

We personally recommend a spacing of 36″ to 72″ in a typical wall installation. If your design includes steps, start by lighting the steps adequately, then place fixtures in the surrounding walls to expand the feel of night lighting as you desire.

For professional design advice, please call 800.861.1364 or email us a copy of your layout.