Are roller tampers safe to use on Pavelux®?

Integral Lighting


Avoid direct contact with roller tampers as damage to the fixture may occur.

Our Pavelux® fixtures are molded of polycarbonate with UV inhibitors, and have a rating of 8600 PSI, along with impact properties accepting approximately 112 ft lbs.

ICPI specs call for a minimum of 8000 PSI for actual paver specifications, which is what most manufacturers follow. This is based on preparing the base according to standard ICPI specs.

Regarding impact…

Current plate tampers exert approximately 9 – 11 ft lbs per inch, and this is the criteria used in designing the product.

Modern roller tampers exert about 14 ft lbs per inch and may crack the fixture, therefore, we are recommending that direct contact be avoided with this type of compactor.

We are working diligently to improve the molded parts to meet current expectations of installation methods utilizing new roller tamper technology. At this time, we recommend avoiding using roller tampers over the fixture during installation.

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