Why does your patented design still get knocked off?

Integral Lighting

We hear this one every day.

Like many other enterprises, the landscape lighting industry is frequently imitated by off shore companies, as well as our own neighbors. Integral Lighting is committed to reinvesting resources into product and service enhancements… not battling the 20+ companies who can’t think for themselves.

Patent law never worked for independent innovators. We patented our fixture and its mode of installation so that everyone recognizes Integral Lighting as the inventor of “the original hardscape light.”

What is the Integral Lighting trademark?



Our registered trademark, Integral Lighting, distinguishes us from the imitators and knock-off products.

A trademark is a sign or label which differentiates a given manufacturers products from those of others. When you see the Integral Lighting trademark, it guarantees the source of the product you demand.  Additionally, when you see Integral Lighting, you can choose with greater certainty that you are purchasing a product held to the highest quality standards, those set forth by Integral Lighting.

Of course, in this modern capitalist economy, imitators will attempt just about anything… including the exploitation and unauthorized use of our registered trademark, Integral Lighting. If you suspect this happening either online or in a store, please notify us immediately at 800-861-1364.