Why does your patented design still get knocked off?

Integral Lighting

We hear this one every day. Like many other enterprises, the landscape lighting industry is frequently imitated by off shore companies as well as our own neighbors. Integral Lighting is committed to reinvesting resources into product and service enhancements… not battling the 20+ companies who can’t think for themselves.

Patent law never worked for independent innovators. We patented our fixture and its mode of installation so that you would know we invented “the original hardscape light.”

Maybe it’s time to rethink patent law.

What is the Integral Lighting trademark?



Our registered trademark, Integral Lighting, distinguishes us from the imitators. A trademark is a sign or label which differentiates a given manufacturers products from those of others. When you see the Integral Lighting trademark, it guarantees the source of the product you demand.  Additionally, when you see Integral Lighting, you can choose with greater certainty that you are purchasing a product held to the highest quality standards, those set forth by Integral Lighting.

Of course, in this modern capitalist economy, imitators will attempt just about anything… including the exploitation and unauthorized use of our registered trademark, Integral Lighting. If you suspect this happening either online or in a store, please notify us immediately at 800-861-1364.

What materials are used for Integral Lighting fixtures?



Integral Lighting utilizes only non-corrosive materials for construction to ensure many years of trouble-free service. Our final fixture assembly is controlled and monitored for aesthetic appearance as well as performance. A final inspection by quality control is completed prior to packaging.

If you feel that our fixture does not meet your criteria, please contact us for a prompt replacement. Your input is appreciated and is an important component in our quality control process.

Are Integral Lighting fixtures UL certified?



Integral Lighting is UL Listed Product.

Underwriters Laboratories has set forth the Standards for Safety in Landscape Lighting through the UL 1838 standard. Our facility and product are inspected quarterly to ensure that you are supplied with consistency according to UL 1838 Low Voltage Lighting Systems.

The National Electrical Code, as well as laws in the majority of states, require that lamps and fixtures be tested by a recognized, independent safety-testing agency before they can be legally sold and installed. Electricians in some areas will refuse to install non-UL fixtures.

When considering lighting fixtures, look for the term “UL Listed.” Do not be fooled by statements like “All fixtures are manufactured from UL-approved components.”

Our fixtures conform to UL standards and are tested as a complete unit, thus, bearing the UL mark.

We have invested in processes to ensure your safety and satisfaction and have been a UL Listed facility for over 30 years in both the USA and Canada.

How do you handle support and service after the sale?



Our experienced support staff has assisted thousands of homeowners and installers with issues in the field. We recognize that every job and installation has unique requirements, and we will do our best to resolve any issues that may arise. Call us at 800-861-1364 for design help, layout or installation assistance, and troubleshooting.

What is your typical shipping turnaround time?



We manufacture Integral Lighting fixtures right here in Pennsylvania, USA. Our state of the art facilities and committed employees give us complete control over our extensive inventory. All of our products ship from our facility within 24 hours. The only thing between us and your order is the shipping company.

Our No Backorder Policy continues in 2019 … our 13th consecutive year.

Why is Integral Lighting the #1 choice for hardscape lighting?


At Integral Lighting, we spend our time and money on creating an unforgettable hardscape lighting experience. We invented the “original” fixture that revolutionized the hardscape industry and we reinvented the way that service and support are delivered.

We recognize that every project and installation is unqiue, so we carry more fixture options than any other manufacturer…

  • 16 individual models with many options
  • Over 100 durable finishes to match any hardscape
  • 4 LED color outputs

Our company values shine in every fixture we build and every service we provide. As an intentionally small Pennsylvania company, we have remained committed as an American manufacturer for over 35 years. This strategy allows us to pass along benefits that multinational companies cannot offer…

  • Same day shipping
  • Custom fixture options
  • Live toll free technical support
  • Design and installation assistance
  • Mobile text support
  • Online replacement parts
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Choose the leader in hardscape lighting innovation… Integral Lighting.