Path Lighting

Lighting offers a beacon of welcome along outdoor pathways and walkways. Creating a well-lit path to and around your home adds safety, convenience and curb appeal all in one step.

Designing an outdoor space that is usable both day and night involves proper lighting. When the sun sets, outdoor lighting immediately transforms your space, makes it fun to entertain and highlights points of interest. Lighting placement is just as important as choosing the right fixture…

  • Stagger fixtures on alternate sides of your path to create a sense of balance.
  • Target the lights directly on your path, or slightly set back from your path, for a different feel of illumination.
  • Choose a distance between fixtures to create visual interest, rather than spacing for a continual stream of light.

Our PL24 path light casts a gentle glow of 15 to 18 watts and directs light towards your feet, not your eyes. The fixture housing is aesthetically pleasing in all landscapes and integrates soft and practical lighting without any glare.

Our discreet Pavelux® paver lights can be easily inserted into pathways, driveways and other hardscape designs. The fixture remains hidden during the day, and at night, leads guests safely to your front door, patio or through your garden.

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