Installation Field Guide

Our new installation field guide is packed with handy information on low voltage lighting. We also added dimming suggestions for LED fixtures, which is an increasingly popular request.

We include a complimentary field guide in every box of Integral Lighting fixtures. You can also click below to save a copy to your mobile device or computer …

Integral Lighting Installation Field Guide

New Installation Guide          Field Guide 2016

Compare Light Outputs

Integral Lighting is the choice in American Made hardscape lighting. We have the broadest selection of fixtures to choose from, as well as the most diverse selection of finishes and LED color outputs.

In addition to the traditional incandescent Xenon fixture, we offer an array of LED options. Our professional IL models are available in the standard 3000K color output, rendering a pure white light. They are also available with filters altering the output to 2700K (warm white) or 4200K (cool white). We are also able to provide an LED option in 2400K (ultrawarm white) in our IL300 and IL600 Series.

Compare our Light Outputs to determine the best fixture for your next project.

Free Color Samples

Are you having a difficult time selecting a finish to match your hardscape?

Project owners can visit to order sample finishes at no cost or obligation. The samples ship within 2-3 business days with a full color catalog and information regarding our powder coating process.

Guaranteed Lifetime Service

Your Integral Lighting fixtures are covered.

The Guaranteed Lifetime Service is above and beyond our Lifetime Limited Warranty and extends the coverage of all of our fixtures. In particular, your LED fixtures are extended to 15 years (based on 40,000 hours or 6 hours per day operation) when you follow our installation guidelines.

Our NEW Guaranteed Lifetime Service is available to the original purchaser of the product and is easily validated by registering your purchase online. It’s simple to get started … visit Guaranteed Lifetime Service or call 800.861.1364.

Service is our obsession.

Enhanced Integral Lighting Website

We enhanced our website to better serve our hardscape contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners.

  • Our in-depth FAQ Section provides technical support for all levels of Integral Lighting users
  • The detailed Product Page helps you determine which fixture is best for your project
  • Our Installation Guide is readily available for questions and support during any stage of your project
  • The new Installation Gallery provides inspiration and ideas for future outdoor projects

Loaner Kits Available to Homeowners

Are you a do-it-yourself homeowner trying to design your lighting installation?

If so, we have demonstration kits available at absolutely no charge or obligation to help you make an informed decision. These kits contain one to three Integral Lighting fixtures and are combined with the following options for you to view at night at your home.

  • 3 Xenon fixtures to review spacing
  • Combination of Xenon and LED to compare light output
  • 3 LED fixtures with various options to determine the lighting effect you desire

All kits are wired with a portable transformer for ease of use. We enclose a UPS Return Service label to make it easy to return the kit to us when your decision is complete.

Call us at 800.861.1364 to discuss your project.

Replacement Parts and Bulbs

Environmental conditions, vandalism or mechanical damage may occur in the lifetime of our product. We want to make it easy for you to obtain original Integral Lighting parts for these unfortunate circumstances.

Please visit Replacement Parts and Bulbs to obtain parts in a safe and sure way. Hartman Design, Inc. insures that all distributors, installers and end-users of Integral Lighting will have a source for replacement parts for all of it’s products.

New product inquiries and purchases continue to be satisfied through our Integral Lighting Authorized Distributor network. Visit Our Distributor Locator to find a distributor near you.

Mobile Technical Assistance

Go to for answers directly from your mobile device.

  • Locate a Dealer … save valuable travel time
  • Call our office for live assistance … 8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST
  • Text your question to support … for assistance when you need it
  • Download documents to your mobile device … for sharing
  • Instant access to our website …
Whatever you need … whenever you need it.