Electronic LED Power Supply

Integral Lighting is now offering an LED Electronic Power Supply for our 12vAC LED hardscape fixtures.

This 60 watt electronic transformer is ideal for short runs and up to 15 Integral LED fixtures. Whether one or fifteen fixtures are attached, it automatically compensates and provides the perfect voltage of 11.5 volts AC.

The power supply is encased in a black resin housing and outfitted with an interval timer and photocell. Use part number IL200.515 when ordering.

The Innovators Dilemma

Our creativity is ignited when knockoffs occur.

Even Thomas Edison in his day, tweaked the work of others to create what today we call one the greatest inventions … the light bulb.

Innovation is alive and well. We continue to listen to the needs of distributors, contractors and homeowners across the United States since the release of our “original” hardscape fixture.

With that being said, our newest IL600 series fills many of the voids in lighting the hardscape. Visit our products page for more information on the warmest LED in the industry.

Guaranteed Lifetime Service

Your Integral Lighting fixtures are covered.

The Guaranteed Lifetime Service is above and beyond our Lifetime Limited Warranty and extends the coverage of all of our fixtures. In particular, your LED fixtures are extended to 15 years (based on 40,000 hours or 6 hours per day operation) when you follow our installation guidelines.

Our NEW Guaranteed Lifetime Service is available to the original purchaser of the product and is easily validated by registering your purchase online. It’s simple to get started … visit Guaranteed Lifetime Service or call 800.861.1364.

Service is our obsession.

Our Trademark … Your Guarantee

Our registered trademark, Integral Lighting, distinguishes us from the imitators. A trademark is a sign or label which differentiates a given manufacturers products from those of others. When you see the Integral Lighting trademark it guarantees the source of the product you demand. When you see Integral Lighting, you can choose with greater certainty that you are purchasing a product held to the highest quality standards … those set forth by Integral Lighting.

Of course, in this modern capitalist economy, imitators will attempt just about anything including the exploitation and unauthorized use of our registered trademark, Integral Lighting.

Price Stability for 6 Years

What’s behind six years of price stability?

Standards and consistency…

Our manufacturing process applies the best practices to ensure standards are met and consistency is achieved through our standard practices.

Observation and improvement…

We listen, pay attention and remain open minded.

Lean manufacturing…

Our production methods and systems take into account the expenditures of all related resources and specifically the value of wasted time.

Creativity over capital…

We keep saying “there has to be an easier way” both in standard product innovation as well as service and support.

Value stream…

Our obsessive attention to exceeding the expectations of our customers through the continual review of information, materials and ensuing service.

Six sigma focus…

Our management strategy is continually seeking to improve quality by identifying and removing the causes of defects. We minimize variability to deliver a consistent product and experience to our customers.

Yes, Made in America can still happen…
…it happens everyday at Hartman Design, Inc.