Ultra Efficient LED Upgrade

Our upgrade to the newest 12vAC LED package ensures you of the latest advancements in the LED industry. We have integrated this new technology into all of our LED models.

Our new ultra efficient LED package delivers measurable benefits …

  • Increased energy efficiency means lowered operational costs
  • Improvement to lumen output leads to more lumens per watt
  • Higher lumen maintenance factor means longer life of output consistency
  • Improved circuit board construction allows for more effective heat dissipation

We have taken every measure to match the light output on this upgrade. Depending on block color and texture, you may experience a subtle variance when using this version with our previous fixture. For this reason, we do not recommend mixing the existing version .20 with the new improved version .40.

Our fixtures remain the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from Integral Lighting. If you have any questions or concerns during this upgrade, please visit our FAQ section or contact our office.

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IL300 Product Release

Introducing a fixture that fits everywhere …

Our IL300 fixture is designed to disappear until you need it. This discreet hardscape fixture features our new ultra efficient LED package running on only .25 watts. Whether used individually or as a companion with our popular IL600 Series, it is the perfect accessory to any hardscape application.

It is now stocked in 10 finishes with our popular 2400K ultrawarm white output.

Free Color Samples

Are you having a difficult time selecting a finish to match your hardscape?

Project owners can visit samples.integral-lighting.com to order sample finishes at no cost or obligation. The samples ship within 2-3 business days with a full color catalog and information regarding our powder coating process.

The Innovators Dilemma

Our creativity is ignited when knockoffs occur.

Even Thomas Edison in his day, tweaked the work of others to create what today we call one the greatest inventions … the light bulb.

Innovation is alive and well. We continue to listen to the needs of distributors, contractors and homeowners across the United States since the release of our “original” hardscape fixture.

With that being said, our newest IL600 series fills many of the voids in lighting the hardscape. Visit our products page for more information on the warmest LED in the industry.

Call for Community Projects

The responsibility of a business to the community usually takes a back seat to producing goods for customers and generating profits for the company.

At Integral Lighting, we are continually searching for worthwhile projects that deserve lighting. We offer fixtures at no cost to projects that qualify. Over the past years, Walter Reed Medical Hospital via The Yellow Ribbon Fund, various Veterans Memorials, and local community parks have received free Integral fixtures.

Do you know of a community project in need of hardscape lighting?

We want to hear from you! Call 800.861.1364 or email info@integral-lighting.com.

Guaranteed Lifetime Service

Your Integral Lighting fixtures are covered.

The Guaranteed Lifetime Service is above and beyond our Lifetime Limited Warranty and extends the coverage of all of our fixtures. In particular, your LED fixtures are extended to 15 years (based on 40,000 hours or 6 hours per day operation) when you follow our installation guidelines.

Our NEW Guaranteed Lifetime Service is available to the original purchaser of the product and is easily validated by registering your purchase online. It’s simple to get started … visit Guaranteed Lifetime Service or call 800.861.1364.

Service is our obsession.

IL600 Product Release

You asked … we listened!

Integral Lighting has released a new fixture that fills the additional needs of the hardscape contractor. The IL600 Series is perfect when …

  • there is no overhanging block to hide the fixture
  • an existing hardscape needs to be illuminated
  • your client demands the benefits of an LED with the warm glow of an incandescent

Click here to learn more … IL600 Ultrawarm LED Fixture

Enhanced Integral Lighting Website

We enhanced our website to better serve our hardscape contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners.

  • Our in-depth FAQ Section provides technical support for all levels of Integral Lighting users
  • The detailed Product Page helps you determine which fixture is best for your project
  • Our Installation Guide is readily available for questions and support during any stage of your project
  • The new Installation Gallery provides inspiration and ideas for future outdoor projects

Our Trademark … Your Guarantee

Our registered trademark, Integral Lighting, distinguishes us from the imitators. A trademark is a sign or label which differentiates a given manufacturers products from those of others. When you see the Integral Lighting trademark it guarantees the source of the product you demand. When you see Integral Lighting, you can choose with greater certainty that you are purchasing a product held to the highest quality standards … those set forth by Integral Lighting.

Of course, in this modern capitalist economy, imitators will attempt just about anything including the exploitation and unauthorized use of our registered trademark, Integral Lighting.

Replacement Parts and Bulbs

Environmental conditions, vandalism or mechanical damage may occur in the lifetime of our product. We want to make it easy for you to obtain original Integral Lighting parts for these unfortunate circumstances.

Please visit Replacement Parts and Bulbs to obtain parts in a safe and sure way. Hartman Design, Inc. insures that all distributors, installers and end-users of Integral Lighting will have a source for replacement parts for all of it’s products.

New product inquiries and purchases continue to be satisfied through our Integral Lighting Authorized Distributor network. Visit Our Distributor Locator to find a distributor near you.