Flattery … Twenty and Counting

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and there seems to be no shortage of Integral Lighting imitators. Who would have imagined!

Thank you for your flattery…

Alliance Landscape Lighting
Cast Lighting
Encore Landscape Lighting
Evening Star
Focus Industries
Frog Lights
FX Luminaire
Garden Light
IC Lights
Kerr Lighting
Kichler Landscape Lighting
Lehigh Valley Hardscapes
Nox Lighting
Sollos Lighting
Troy Lighting
Unique Lighting Systems
Volt Landscape Lighting

Choose Integral Lighting when you need reliability in both product and service.

Price Stability for 6 Years

What’s behind six years of price stability?

Standards and consistency…

Our manufacturing process applies the best practices to ensure standards are met and consistency is achieved through our standard practices.

Observation and improvement…

We listen, pay attention and remain open minded.

Lean manufacturing…

Our production methods and systems take into account the expenditures of all related resources and specifically the value of wasted time.

Creativity over capital…

We keep saying “there has to be an easier way” both in standard product innovation as well as service and support.

Value stream…

Our obsessive attention to exceeding the expectations of our customers through the continual review of information, materials and ensuing service.

Six sigma focus…

Our management strategy is continually seeking to improve quality by identifying and removing the causes of defects. We minimize variability to deliver a consistent product and experience to our customers.

Yes, Made in America can still happen…
…it happens everyday at Hartman Design, Inc.