LED Filters for Alternate Color Output

Integral Lighting announces the ability to customize the LED output of our popular LED hardscape fixtures. We came up with this solution to match your existing outdoor lighting for a more uniform look.

Choose from …

  • 2700K warm white … incandescent look and feel
  • 3000K pure white … Xenon or Halogen equivalent
  • 4200K cool white … flourescent look and feel

The filter attaches permanently to the fixture and is available at no additional charge.

Click here to view, compare and decide on the best color output for your project: Compare Light Outputs

Thank you!

We want to take this opportunity to thank Kichler Lighting and their independent reps for helping Integral Lighting become the recognized brand name in hardscape lighting. It was only four years ago when Kichler recommended to their reps that they bring on the Integral Lighting line of hardscape fixtures. The two brands could compliment each other in the landscape lighting world, at least until now. Today, with knockoffs and a systematic dismantling of the Integral independent sales rep force as you know it, we remain poised to lead as a USA manufacturer. We want to assure our distributors and their customers that we continue to conduct business in a forthright manner and are in a strong position to provide uncommon, uncomplicated and unequaled service. As over the past four years, we recommend that distributors contact our office directly for your needs as they arise. We appreciate hearing from you personally and value our relationship.